kesha, boots and boys, letra, musica, clipe

Música – Ke$ha – Boots and Boys

kesha, boots and boys, letra, musica, clipe

Boots and Boys




I think it’s time that I mention
I’ve got myself an obsession
For the smell, for the touch
I know I got myself a habit
But I’ve got to have it now
I dont care, work it out
(let me break it down)


I try it on, I take it off
So what you got?
Something about


Boots and boys (boots and boys)
They bring me so much joy (bring me joy)
I gotta say it I wear em both so pretty as I walk in the city
Watch out! boots and boys
(give me boots and boys)


Im keeping quite the colletion
Take nothing less than perfection
Cowboy boots, cowboy boys
Mmhmm oh the joy


My men drop beats like a bomb
Excuse me, now huh?
Wind me up, spin me ’round
Oh look at what I’ve found


Hey — watcha lookin at?
Hey — something you cant have
Yeah — they’ve got me lookin rad
Ifand you’re not
Boots, boys (oh)


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